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Female | Age: 6yrs | Dogs: Good! Cats: Good! Chickens: Good!

Sky (formerly Rizzo) had a due out date, but is now safe thanks to an amazing foster family 💛 

She is good with chickens, cats, and other dogs. She likes to sleep under their bed. The previous foster through the shelter would touch her, and it would spook her- so she believed she may have some hearing loss. She tried whistling, and making other nosies, but Sky did not respond at all. Sky’s mental health declined to the point she wouldn’t eat, and lost 7 pounds, and one of our amazing volunteers/fosters who is deaf heard about her story and rushed to the shelter to pull her out. 

When they picked her up, Sky approached their SUV, hopped on in front of the passenger seat between foster legs on her own, and sat there quietly the entire time. Sky went to the dog park for a walk, to McDonald’s to get fries and nuggets for the first time she ate on her own, and to Starbucks to get a pup cup. 

Sky ate the entire thing, and then she went on a ride to Petco for a bath where the fosters could see how super skinny she was! Afterwards, Sky snuggled under their bed, slept through the night, and appeared to be potty-trained. The next day, Sky woke up and willingly ate a cup of dog food, then went for a walk and is slowly coming out of her shell and cuddled for the first time. She has already started making huge strides!

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