Foster Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to have a yard to foster a dog?

A: No. A yard is not a requirement for our foster or adoption programs with the understanding that the home will provide adequate exercise to the foster dog.

Q: Am I responsible for food or medical expenses for my foster dog?

A: No. We are a small volunteer-based organization with limited resources and appreciate any donations a foster home is willing to provide the dog with while in their care, however, we do provide food, crates, and cover approved medical expenses if requested by the foster home.

Q: What if my foster dog does not get along with my current dog?

A. We work hard to ensure that we are facilitating a good situation for our dogs and their foster homes. While we try our best to match up good personality fits. Rescue dogs require a lot of time, training, and patience from their foster homes. We ask that foster families put in the time and effort to facilitating a healthy living situation with the foster dog and their current pets. Even if that means temporary or long term separation of the animals while cohabiting in the same space.