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Male | Age: 1.5y | Dogs: Yes | Cats: Unknown | Kids: Unknown

1.5 year old Lobo is doing excellent and making strides with his foster family.  He is on day 3 with no accidents and he started to use the doggy door on his own. He goes into the kennel at night and while we are out if the house.  He has been known to give the husky look of not wanting to go to bed but obey's by the 2nd command. with no hesitation.  He is starting to understand and follow commands for sit and is so close to consistently following the paw command.  What a fast learner!  Next up he will learn commands for place /stay to keep him from running towards the door when he hears the doorbell ring.  This one is a bit tricky and will take some time but he is trying.  He tries to dominate the girls (his foster husky siblings) but they are slowly teaching him who rules the pack.  Lobo is a happy boy with lots of energy. He is dog selective and slow introductions are beneficial.  He not been cat tested so a home with no cats or small animals is best.

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