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Open Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to become involved with Arctic Rescue & even if you can’t adopt a dog! Here are some of the open volunteer positions with different time commitments so you can help support our mission and help rescue more arctic breeds! To apply please fill out a volunteer application below.

Events Marketing Specialist

As the Events Marketing Specialist volunteer, you’ll be instrumental in promoting our adoption events, hikes, and fundraisers to the community. This will include adding events to our Google calendar, creating monthly Facebook events, and finding local ways to promote on local blogs or with local influencers.

Application Processor

Monitor the application portal and review applications as they are submitted. We provide training and will help you get comfortable with the process. Requires about 3-5 hours per week on average.

Foster Support Coordinator

Provide ongoing support and resources to foster families, addressing their needs, concerns, and questions, and ensuring they have the necessary support to provide temporary care for rescued dogs.

New Volunteer Coordinator

Welcomes and onboards new volunteers, providing orientation, training, and guidance to ensure they are equipped to contribute effectively to the rescue’s mission and operations.

Content Generators

Take a dog out for a walk or adventure and get new photos & videos of them for social media team to use in posts.

Volunteer Form
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